Multi-year partnership with GOw2 Energy

We are delighted to announce a multi-year partnership with GOw2 Energy Suriname NV in our joint pursue for the World Cup in Qatar 2022

GOw2 Energy Suriname NV joined our family as we share the same dream to get Natio to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Together we share the same love for Suriname and have a mutual desire to get our beloved country on the international stage.

This Surinamese company dedicated itself to assist us in our hunt for World Cup qualification.

It shares a mutual drive to not only better the Natio but also Suriname. The organisation rose to prominence by bringing locally produced premium gasoline and diesel to the Surinamese people in order for us to not rely on foreign import. Thus, creating an atmosphere that we, the Surinamese people, are capable enough to grow as long as we believe.

We are excited to work with GOw2 to further engage global presence for Natio and Suriname. Furthermore, we look forward on all the new experiences we will create with our new partner.