Statement SFF regarding the upcoming World Cup preliminary round matches!

By means of this, the Surinamese Football Federation announces that the upcoming matches in the context of the World Cup preliminary round are progressing as planned.

All protocols and precautions have been coordinated with the government officials, technical staff, the players and all other parties involved. With the understanding that the above-mentioned adhere strictly to this.

On Friday, June 4th, our National squad will play against Bermuda at the Franklin Essed stadium. The Bermuda team will arrive in Suriname on June 1st. Immediately upon arrival, these players also enter a bubble with strict rules.

After the game on June 4th, both teams will leave for the US on June 5th for the next games.

The Surinamese team will travel to Chicago where the game against Canada will take place.

Both the players and the team around the players are in the bubble and are therefore separated to exclude outside contact. This is to limit the chance of COVID contamination to the bare minimum.

Also, because of the COVID measures taken by the Surinamese Government, no public will be admitted to the players and those involved with the National squad.