Speech SVB Chairman at Proclamation of Suriname Major League

Today marks a significant moment as I, the president of SVB, proudly announce the accomplishment of one of the key objectives outlined in our strategic plan. This achievement pertains to the long-awaited establishment of the Prof League, consisting of 10 associations. This milestone is the culmination of over 10 years of dedication, involving various committees, and ultimately concluded by the SVB Steering Committee led by engineer Rolf Verwey.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all individuals who contributed to this successful journey, some of whom participated in multiple committees. Special appreciation goes to Ray Wimpel, Gordon Van Zichem, Bobby Jaikaran, Rob Adney, Mario Merhai, Frank Raijman, Alirio Polsbroek, Derrek Emanuels, Kenneth Vasseur, Dayasankar Mathooera, the technical directors Ro Kolf and Bis Kali, and finally, the members of the SVB Steering Committee Restructuring Surinamese Football, with specific mention of Arnold Bilkerdijk, Jagney Anderson, Brian Soekra, Mitcheline Pryce, Mike Antonius, Leo Johns, Benito Codrington, and the chairman Rolf Verwey as the driving force. My thanks and a well-deserved applause for these dedicated individuals.
I also want to express my appreciation to the associations that participated in the process, considering proposals, expressing doubts, and contributing ideas. My thanks go to the clubs that embraced the challenge of transitioning to professional football, as well as those who chose to remain active in amateur football. Special thanks to the chairmen of Robinhood, Inter Moengo Tapoe, Transvaal, Leo Victor, Voorwaarts, PVV, Broki, Inter Wanica, Notch, and Flora. (Applause for these associations)
Today, we are making history on two fronts. Firstly, the introduction of a professional football league where sports is pursued as a profession, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the launch of a new industry in Suriname. In the short term, this will create a minimum of 250 to 500 full-time and or part-time jobs. In this regard, I urge the government to provide financial support to the Prof League, particularly in the initial phase, as a creator of employment. This in addition to the financial commitment from the SVB to the league and the league itself.
I would like to conclude my speech with the following plea. Club chairmen and owners, I believe that the Prof League can become a success story in the short to medium term, but it requires the collective effort of all involved. Relying solely on the Suriname Major League board will not be sufficient. All of you are successful in business or your professions. I appeal to you not only to showcase your passion for football, as you have done so far but also to apply your business acumen to make your club and the league a flourishing football enterprise. You have that capability.
Finally I wish the Major League, its board an members all the best for the future.
Thank you.
Drs. John Krishnadath
President SVB